companies in WIP Group

WIP Group consists different companies. The WIP companies started in 2007 and have implemented many large projects around the world. We focus on growth together with our stable partners.



WIP Industries Sweden is a modern production industry in Åseda that manufactures stainless steel products for the international interior design industry. The fully automated production facility of 12,000 square meters is under construction and is expected to be operational in 2024. The facility offers 60 jobs where we manufacture several million stainless steel products each year. The machine line is supplied by the sister company WIP Consulting and is the most automated machine line in the world for similar products

Address: Åseda

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WIP Consulting is a leading automation company and delivers fully automated machine lines to the whole world and its sister companies within the WIP Group. We will be the leading company in terms of innovation and design to provide our customers with the best conditions in the future.


Address: Skogsvägen 19, 364 30 Åseda


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WIP Industries Romania S.R.L, founded in 2013 is owned by WIP Holding AB.

WIP Industries Romania S.R.L manufactures drawer components for the furniture industry that are both public and private areas. The production facility is fully automated and only monitored by operators. We also pack some of our products directly in or facilities. The factory produces, processes and packs approximately 7 million sets (21 million components) per year.

Address: Comuna Apahida, Str. Constructorilor, nr. 22, Cod Postal 407035 judetul CLUJ, Romania

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PG & WIP AB is a modern production industry in Åseda that manufactures cabinet handles and rail systems in aluminum for the international furniture industry. The production facility is fully automated and the most modern on the market. The facility is 10,000 square meters where our production processes, paints, and packs approximately 15 million parts per year.


Address: Hammarvägen 1, 364 31 Åseda


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We are specialists in products in plastic and aluminum, either individually or together. Our customers are often world leaders in their segments and together we create a team that is difficult to beat, we set up production facilities that are ultra-modern and highly efficient. We can challenge low-cost countries with both price and responsible environmental thinking. We create cost-effective productions that are highly automated and provide competitive advantages in a world market. A sustainable business simply!

Address: Bruksgatan 24, 364 97 Fröseke

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