2022-06-29 14:00:00

During the past year, WIP Group AB and its companies have received orders worth more than SEK 6 billion. Four companies in the group have signed new agreements, which entails both strong corporate development and new constructions. In total, WIP Group will need to invest approximately SEK 1 billion, however, all financing is secured.

WIP Industries Sweden AB has recently signed an agreement with a Swedish home furniture company that extends 7 years ahead starting in 2024. The agreement covers deliveries of pre-packed pots in stainless steel. The company will build a new production facility in Åseda of 12,000 sqm, where it will manufacture several million pots every year. The machine line is supplied by WIP Consulting and will be the most automated machine line in the world to produce these products.

The company WIP Industries Romania, located in Romania, which currently manufactures drawers for a Swedish home furniture company, has now received another agreement with the same customer where they will manufacture lacquered furniture. This new agreement extends several years ahead and will start production in 2023. The company in Romania has already begun construction of a new industrial plant of 22,000 sqm and the procurements of all machines are complete.

The third company to receive a large order is A-WIP AB in Fröseke in Uppvidinge, Sweden. The company has a shared ownership with A-Plast and manufactures telescopic ladders in aluminum and plastic. The delivery agreement that the company has signed extends over several years. A-WIP has acquired an existing production facility of 5,000 sqm and invested in several modern fully automatic machine lines from WIP Consulting. The company has already started producing ladders and is now focusing on developing and streamlining its production.

A fourth company that has received multi-million orders is WIP Consulting AB, this is the automation company within the WIP Group and is the company that will deliver several fully automated machine lines to its sister companies.

”It feels fantastic to be able to complete these agreements after several years of hard work. We are very proud of the trust our customer has shown WIP Group by choosing us as a supplier and future partner. Extra fun is the latest agreement we recently signed with a Swedish home furniture company, which means that we will build a completely new factory in Åseda to produce pots. The production facility to be built will be 12,000 sqm and will have a modern, highly automated production. It will be the most modern factory in the world for these types of products. This entails most new hires (approx. 60 people) and several years of secured work for these people. The business creates fantastic growth for WIP Group, and it is estimated that the Group will need to employ about 300 people in total in Romania and Sweden.”

, says Rickard Olsson, CEO, and principal owner of WIP Group.

WIP Group is a group based in Åseda, in the middle of Småland and consists of some different companies. The group has six owners who have all worked in the company since the start and have a strong connection to Åseda. The WIP companies started in 2007 and have implemented many large projects around the world. The companies' strategy is to develop cost-effective production solutions to be competitive with the whole world. We focus on growth together with our stable partners; IKEA, A-Plast, Profilgruppen and Hultaforsgruppen.

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For more information please contact:
Rickard Olsson CEO and principal owner
Phone: 0733 649 269 E-mail:


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